Saidhbhín Gibson - CIACLA // MART Gallery

These images are part of a new body of work that responds to the commodification of the natural world by humans. The natural and organic is mimicked or interfered with. The titling of the work is an opportunity to advertise the specific wildflower's name and its location. The wildflowers assume a pose for their portrait to be taken but is encroached upon or photo-bombed.

Saidhbhín Gibson Interference No.1 BEAKED HAWK'S-BEARD Comer
2018  |  Colour digital image on archival paper  |  56 x  41 cm

Saidhbhín Gibson Interference No.2 YELLOW FLAG IRIS Castletown
2018  |  Colour digital image on archival paper  |  60 x 45 cm