Upright Meadow

College Street, Carlow
April 2017 - Present

Upright Meadow April 2017

Upright Meadow is an installation that beings with wildflower plants which are commonly growing in walls. The plants were collected over an eight month period prior to installation in April 2017.

The 'living' wall highlights the variety of wild plants which have been intentionally planted here (in contrast to commercial bedding flowers found in street planters). The wall presents bloom not-on-demand and was inspired by a pocket of land behind the wall that is rich with wild grasses, insects, birds and flowers.

Upright Meadow will grow and develop its own pattern of flowering between Spring and Autumn. The installation is a live piece in terms of the unknown plant varieties that will join the wall and germinate in the the junction boxes.

Plants 2017: Red Valerian, Ivy-Leaved Toadflax, Sea Daisy, Wall Pennywort, Common Fern, Lesser Periwinkle, Scabious and the species yet to appear.

The installation is part of a town-wide project whereby seven artists were commissioned by the Pure Thinking Community Group to respond to a chosen wall space in Carlow town.

Thanks to the Cathedral Parish Centre, College Street, Carlow and Connie Byrne.

Upright Meadow May 2018

Upright Meadow January 2019